Scott Jones Consulting
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As a consultant for your project, you will gain the experience of a knowledgeable professional with extensive construction experience as your advisor. With every service listed, Scott  Jones Consulting is an extension of your staff to ensure proper project management. This will be accomplished working with the project team as a partner to collaborate in a positive working environment with all the team members.


As the Owner’s representative Scott Jones Consulting will provide the experience to help you make informed decisions from the conceptual stage through project completion. Managing a project involves making hundreds of decisions based on experience and knowledge of the industry. As the owner’s representative, Scott Jones Consulting will monitor and advise on all aspects of the project from design, procurement, and construction.


The success of a project starts with proper planning. Scott Jones Consulting will work with your team to develop a project schedule, establish procurement processes and develop a Guaranteed Maximum Price, if required, that is meaningful and accurate. Robust project planning will set the successful course for the project and will start at the earliest phase.


Successful experience, effective leadership, and clear communication are keys to keeping a project on schedule, on budget and achieving the desired quality and results of the project. Scott Jones Consulting represents client’s interests to deliver a successful project. Scott himself has managed a wide range of projects from simple to very complex. Your project will be led from conception through completion with Scott as an integral part of your team, fully understanding the required project outcomes, and working alongside you to lead the project.


Providing assistance to the surety in evaluating defaults, claims, and exposure, is critically important. In addition, it is also essential to assist with contractor defaults and work with the team to complete a project for which the surety is responsible. This is accomplished by leading the management support of the contractor in default, or through the replacement of the contractor. The objective is to complete the contracted work for which the surety has exposure and reduce or eliminate the surety’s risk.


Scott Jones Consulting provides assistance to financial institutions for reviewing contractor payment applications, contract values, and change management. This assistance is typically evaluated monthly with each payment request. The goals are to ensure the financial institution is protected by not overpaying, and to have the appropriate risk management procedures and processes in place.